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Lauren Dalrymple

As a Technical SEO Consultant I improve the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or a web page

Marietta Chatzidiakou

As a content specialist, I combine creativity with the strategic mindset to craft empowering messages that sell. Outside of work

Savannah Burger

I specialise in search engine optimisation, performance, audits and strategies. I enjoy helping businesses reach their full potential through digital

Laurie Levy

Laurie Levy is a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 15 years experience in Digital, currently specialising in SEO. With further

Stas Pamintuan

Having obtained a degree in Marketing at De Montfort University, I’ve remained keen on the digital side as it’s something

Toma Valciukaite

I specialise in local, international and technical SEO. I help businesses to grow their traffic and brand awareness through their

Ellie Harris

As a Digital Marketing Executive, I create social and website content for our clients and spend most of my time