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Our approach.

At Digital Ethos we are no strangers to PR, as we know that cultivating brand awareness and exposure often relies on a positive reputation with customers and the wider public.

By telling your story through PR, you can achieve great publicity and ensure that your brand gets seen by all the right people.

Our job is to create digital PR campaigns based on your customers’ needs to produce satisfying media coverage. We have the data-driven insights to draw conclusions on what people are reading.

As a result, we have the know-how on what message to get across, at the best time and in the best place.

We have all the inside scoop.

Creating newsworthy content

Our team of PR consultants will spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and outs of your brand. We’ll identify opportunities to write entertaining and informative press releases whilst including all the good stuff like brand mentions, statistics, quotes and hard facts. Digital Ethos will craft high quality, exciting content that piques the interest of both your customers and the media.

Crafting a bespoke media contact database

Our digital PR agency has a wide database of media contacts that is continuously updated and organized depending on genre and location of the publication. Once we have your story’s hook, our sole aim is to get it published in the media to maximize its reach.

Building personable journalist relationships

As well as an extensive list of media contacts, the PR team also prides themselves on their relationships with journalists. This means that when we have a story to shout about, we are their first choice. With a feature on their news website, newspaper or magazine, with of course a link back to your own website, you’re well on your way to having your brand firmly in the spotlight.

How we do it.

Building personal journalist relationships

As well as a list of useful media contacts suited to your brand and its mission, the PR team works closely alongside journalists to meet deadlines and opportunities to have your press release in their publication. The media thrives on collaboration and if the shoe fits, you could see your brand in newspapers, online or in blogs with a link to your website included to drive traffic to where it matters most.

Working alongside your social media campaign.

At Digital Ethos, we’re known for our digital marketing services that will take your business growth to new heights. We believe that digital PR and social media are the dream team when used together. Your social media platforms are perfect for us to use to get in touch with new media contacts, monitoring brand mentions and showing off the media coverage you have received.

Reputation management

PR boils down to ensuring your brand is seen in the most positive light possible and managing perception in a subtle manner. For many, finding themselves reading a press release about your organization is their first impression and we want it to be a strikingly positive one. As the PR experts, we will develop and repair brand reputation both online and offline without skipping a beat.

Engaging your audience

New and innovative ideas are what our PR team does best - whether it's organizing brand events or researching fresh new angles to pique an audience’s interest, our PR consultants will ensure your news hits the stands and is seen by as many people as possible.

Continuously generating results

Once published, the press releases we write on behalf of your brand are far from forgotten about. We monitor campaign performance by using data-driven insights and industry-leading analytics tools. This means we are constantly learning about what is successful across the media and with their readership, making us stand out as one of the UK’s leading PR agencies.
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Hear how we can raise awareness of your business.

Proposal request.

Submit your request for a proposal and we’ll get the ball rolling on how we can help your organization. Whatever industry you’re in, there are multiple ways in which our marketing experts can assist you and put your brand on the map.

Scoping call.

Once you’ve submitted your proposal request, we’ll arrange a call with you to discuss your wants, needs and everything in between. We’re all about collaboration and we’ll work with you to find a solution you’re happy with. Getting to know you and your brand is our favorite part of the process and is vital to be able to get an idea of what’s best for your business.

Present proposal.

Our incredible strategy team will put all the ideas and opportunities from your scoping call into a proposal for you to review. We create bespoke proposals telling a story of how we’ll help take you to where you want to be. We’ll put your business at the heart of our proposals as our consultants become an extension of your marketing team.

Start the project.

Now you’re happy with our proposal, we can get started on transforming your businesses. Our team of experts will ensure your brand is in safe hands. You’ll have regular calls with your account manager and the delivery team to provide updates on how your strategy is performing. Get ready to see your organization reach new heights as we skyrocket your business.

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